/21 Impactful Methods To Imbibe Healthy Eating Habits

21 Impactful Methods To Imbibe Healthy Eating Habits

With 2019 already here, its time that we all cut the junk out of our diet and focus more on healthy eating to make ourselves fitter and healthier – both mentally and physically. Here’s a list of effective ways to cut out the carb and binge on healthier food items:

1. Start by cooking a batch at a go

Every week cook a considerable batch of beans or grains, whichever you prefer. This batch will act as a base in case of other food items that you will eat in the week. Ensure that this base is only meant for other food items that are healthy, such as salads. Cooking a container of quinoa will allow you to use it as a breakfast cereal or healthy mid time snacks.

2. Prefer black tea or coffee

One of the best ways to cut down the calories and eat healthily is by avoiding any cream or sugar. Without adding sugar or cream, you will be able to drink healthier. However, it certainly will take some time to get the habit of this particular kind of tea/coffee but once you do, you are sure to enjoy the best beverages ever, trust me!

3. Make use of this essential guide to food portions

Eating when you’re starving can lead to an excessive intake of food items which is why you should know the portion of food you need properly. Always remember that your fist measures about half a cup, the size of your palm is about 3 oz of meat, your fingertip is the size of a teaspoon and your thumb is equal to a tablespoon.

4. Use the healthiest ingredients available

A lot of your favorite dishes use unhealthy ingredients, which is why you can learn to turn them healthier by switching them with better substitutes. This will ensure that you stick to your plan/resolution for a longer duration and stay healthy. For instance, you can switch half the number of potatoes in your dish for cauliflowers or some other veggies that are healthy, and change your diet into a healthy one.

5. Avoid frying your food

This is the golden rule of eating healthy. You must by any means avoid frying your food, be it veggies or chicken. Instead, you could roast your food for a healthier meal. Roasting will help you make your food crunchy without the use of too much oil, and taste exactly the same or sometimes, even better!

6. Don’t eat meat on Mondays

When you try cooking in the absence of meat, it helps you make a healthier dish for yourself and allows you to consume a larger amount of vegetables. In the case of vegetarians, you could go ahead and try consuming a vegan diet on Mondays. You can always Google for sumptuous vegetable dishes that could fill you up and also deligh your taste buds.

7. Avoid processed food at any cost

Stick with healthy choices such as nuts, fruits, to name a few. Avoid any kind of processed food such as chips or in the form of ingredients, salt, fat, artificial dyes, etc. Although, you must have heard of this several times and it is time that you start following this.